The rich history of Penninghame Estate dates back to as far as 1750.

Once the property of the Earls of Galloway, in 1825, Penninghame Estate became the property of James Blair, whos family futher updated the house into its current Jacobean style from 1869 onwards. After passing onto his brother in-law William Stopford-Blair, the Estate later fell under the ownership of John Stewart, the 7th Earl of Galloway.

Since then, it has been bought, sold, gifted and inherited by many other families, all the time changing with each new proprietor.

In the last century, the house had been used as a farm, farmer’s market, a hospital during the First World War and became an open prison in 1954, before closure in 2000. The mansion was then restored to its Victorian splendour by the previous owners, who used it as an alternative healing and self-discovery centre, until the pandemic hit in 2020.

Facing an uncertain future, the owners decided to sell the Estate and Penninghame once again transformed itself into something new.


Hailing from home shores, but now splitting her time between the US and Scotland, Yvonne fell in love with the property when it first became available and set about upgrading and renovating many of the lodges, cottages, and some parts of the main house into what you see today.

“I have a deep love for the Scottish people and their way of life. My goal is to highlight all the good that Dumfries and Galloway has to offer, in particular, the local reverence for nature, which has preserved its wild and bountiful landscape to seem almost untouched.

Hiking, beaches, birdwatching, fishing, shooting, art and history are all close at-hand pursuits, whilst numerous small farms and local waters, provide premium fresh ingredients for culinary delights and world class food.

Combined with the local community, layered like a beautiful tartan, all the elements work in concert to create a warm friendly welcome of a bygone era.

Our vision is to provide a comforting, plush retreat to escape to, after a good day of outdoor pursuits where stories can be shared over some delicious local food and to provide a taste of historic luxury, whilst nestled in the bountiful wilds of the Dumfries and Galloway landscape.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do”

Dumfires and Galloway history



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