The grounds feature a variety of landscapes over their 100 acres, from woodland and forest to picturesque pastures. Various paths and roads give ample opportunity for cycling or walking, whilst you can also find the perfect place to read along the river Cree which borders the West of the Estate.


Penninghame is host to many fantastic creatures including otters, badgers, foxes, deers, pine martens, voles and hares.

In the air you are likely to spot a variety of rare raptors from red kites to peregrine falcons and on special days perhaps even a golden Eagle.

Finally, the Cree river is home to Brown Trout, Pike and Salmon in the correct season, along with a variety of smaller mammals and beautiful insects.


If you prefer to stay in one place, then we have a variety of outdoor games for you to try, as well as cycle hire for small groups and a firepit, to light up a summers evening.

Just let us know when booking and we will take care of the rest.